With our Comprehensive Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management, we provide a productive Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management for your business. PPC is a quintessential element of a successful digital marketing strategy in today’s extremely competitive market. We monitor around the clock with the skills and technology that can detect, predict and adapt to emerging online trends.

We also provide around the clock monitoring by certified Adwords specialists as Pay-Per-Click advertising is a very technical concept which makes managing an entire PPC campaign an exceedingly difficult and demanding task. The stakes are always very high in PPC having real money on the line and every client wanting to maximize ROI. We do understand the importance of training and certification which is why all our PPC experts are Google Adwords Certified, giving them extensive knowledge and practical experience in managing your business for you.

Daily Campaign Optimization

We optimize and adjust your website around the clock so that you can capitalize on an emerging trend or make changes to safeguard you from any losses. We analyze all activities occurring within a PPC Campaign, which allows us to make optimal changes to your campaign, such as:

  • Bid Optimization
  • Daily bid optimization to ensure you investments are well spent.

  • Negative Keywords
  • Identifying keywords that are harmful and eliminating them completely.

  • New Keywords
  • Researching new keywords that can bring conversions and adding them for a more productive, and financially sound product.

Click fraud detection and prevention

With our click fraud and prevention system, we make sure little or no investment is lost in fake clicks and that you get to make the most of your PPC investment. Our process detects unusual and unethical activity, then taking appropriate actions to ensure your daily campaign budget is not wasted on fake clicks.

Weekly and monthly reports

Part of our process includes keeping clients informed, and in a way that you can easily understand, and even verify through Google Adwords. We send you reports on a weekly basis followed by a comprehensive monthly report.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will assign you a dedicated Account Manager to work on your PPC project so they can personally oversee your campaign and will coordinate with you regarding questions and general reporting. By having a dedicated Account Manager, your experiences with us are able to be both personal as well as productive.

Our PPC processes are not designed to meet existing standards, but to set new ones. There are no contractual obligations or hidden fees. We want you to be able utilize PPC to its full potential to generate revenue from your website. With our team of Adwords Certified Account Managers, we will set up your campaign from scratch or optimize your existing one for maximum revenue.