SEO delivers desired results with the understanding of Google’s guidelines, in which we stay up-to-date with the latest changes and upgrades as they come out. We make sure that your website strictly adheres to search engine guidelines which provides improved keyword rankings and a stronger brand image. We also use white-hat strategies that have a proven track record of providing positive results for our clients. Our SEO processes have proven to have the following results:

  • Attracts new visitors to your website
  • Increases your weekly and monthly conversions
  • Improves your keyword rankings across Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines
  • Establishes authority in the search engines, your target audience, and visitors
  • Enhances your company’s online reputation and strengthens your brand

Why Our Strategies Work

The key to a successful web presence is to have an equally successful and competitive online marketing strategy. This includes analyzing a website’s current structure as well as a detailed competitor analysis of other businesses operating in the same area.

We pay close attention to the intended target audience when devising SEO strategies and focus on getting your website the attention it needs from viewers, followers, customers and search engines.

2-Step Initial Review Process

We use the following two-step process:

Step 1 - Website Analysis

We configure your website for long term results by following Google guidelines and using the white-hat strategies to sustain its rankings and results. We look at a number of things on your website to ensure its overall health and strong foundation to your SEO campaign. These include:

  • Hosting issues
  • Website structure issues
  • Canonicalization issues
  • HTML optimization issues
  • Link profiling
  • Plagiarism and duplicate content
  • Keyword rankings
  • Webmaster settings
  • Social media analysis
  • Overall website health

Step 2 - Monthly Services and SEO

This is where we begin to create quality content that attracts visitors to your website, and keeps them coming back for more. Our expert writers create clear, concise and compelling content for your website which enables it to quickly rise through the search engine rankings to the top.

Our services include writing the following:

  • Articles:  Informative articles that are appealing and increase traffic
  • Blog Posts:  Quality blog posts to boost traffic to your website
  • Infographics:  Highly creative infographics to attract new visitors to your site
  • Videos:  High quality videos to enhance your written content
  • Press Release:  Industry-driven press releases that build authority and reputation.

A 3 phase process to set things in motion

Using a simple, and in depth process, we deliver major improvements to your search engine rankings all across the web. Our approach is based on dynamic market analysis carried out by our SEO experts at the very start of the project. This is followed up with white-hat SEO techniques that are compliant with industry standards and the latest successful SEO market trends.

We adhere to the stringent policies implemented by search engines to keep everything legit, therefore we never use spam and cheats. We implement dependable, successful, and search engine friendly methods to enhance your online reputation.

The following three step process outline our procedure:

Phase 1 - Requirement Gathering & Initial Setup

  • Website Analysis
  • We learn everything possible about your business and set up a brand that your customers are interested in and can relate to. Our team works closely with your web development, marketing, PR and management teams to understand your SEO needs. This also includes an in depth analysis and inspection of your website which outlines your overall SEO needs.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • We will gather any and all pertinent information relevant to your business, such as your competitors and industry factors. Then align our services with your current branding strategy.

  • Keyword Finalization
  • We determine which keywords will generate traffic for your website and which keywords are driving the traffic currently. This is an extremely important as these process is the building block of our SEO strategy.

  • On Page Analysis
  • We thoroughly review your entire website and analyze its functionality using various tools. We will also learn how compliant it is given the rules set forth by various search engines. Below is a list of those key factors:

    • Keyword Search
    • Home Page Content Development & Optimization
    • Sitemap creation
    • Customized Wordpress Blog on your website
    • Search engines submissions
    • Local setup (Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo Local, Yelp and other local profiles configuration)
    • Meta Development & Improvement
    • Plagiarism Review
    • Canonicalization
    • Social Media Setup (customized Facebook, Twitter, Google + pages creation)
    • Webmaster and Analytics setup
    • HTML Optimization (Site’s structural improvement, URLs standardization, Alt tags configuration, internal linking review, custom 404 page setup, text readability testing, robots.txt optimization, site’s load time)

  • On Page Implementation
  • Once our analysis is completed, we compile the results to come up with an on page implementation strategy and execute it.

Phase 2 - Content Creation and Distribution

This phase involves all aspects of the content for your website that respectively sells your brand to your target audience. These processes are outlined below:

  • Content Plan Delivery
  • Based on our research during the information gathering phase we create basic content outline. This serves as a marketing strategy to optimize your website. We provide you with a list of titles and related details for your approval, which serves to validate the information gathered in Phase 1 and allows you to modify, approve, or reject, our marketing strategy.

  • Content Creation
  • As soon as you give us your approval for the aforementioned content plan, we then create blogs, articles, press releases, Infographics and videos for your website. You again review our work to verify if the content conforms to the content marketing strategy and content plan previously delivered. Once your feedback is received, we make any necessary changes and return back to you for your final approval.

  • Content Distribution
  • Upon content approval, our team of SEO analysts and associates start publishing content on various websites and your webpage starts generating traffic from multiple sources thereby increasing the online visibility of the business.

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media is a wonderful tool for self-promotion and content distribution. Videos and Infographics reach their audiences through social media websites like YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, while Facebook pages can add to the credibility of your business. We also manage your social media presence, using it as a tool for online customer engagement and to gauge your chosen brand.

Phase 3 - Follow-Up

Phase 3 overlaps with the previous phase, giving you real-time information about your websites statistics and search engine rankings. Here, tangible results of all the hard work that began with Phase 1 of the project are visible.

Our services include writing the following:

  • Ranking Report:
  • We provide you with a detailed rank report showing the impact of the SEO campaign thus far. Rank reports keep you abreast the work that has been done up to this point and its resulting impact, allowing you to validate our work throughout the life cycle of the project.

  • Activity Report:
  • This report lists all the executed activities performed for a particular website.

  • Discussions / Follow-Ups:
  • We keep in contact with you throughout the entire process to ensure your satisfaction. Continuous correspondence with you ensures that everyone’s expectations are itemized and executed.